How to Customize

How to customize your SS Dancewear.

To customize your dancewear, you can email, DM @ssdancewear on Instagram, or order through our website following these directions:

1. Choose the style you would like to customize on our Custom Dancewear page. There are many styles of leotards, unitards, two-piece sets, skirts, and shorts that can be customized.

2. Choose the fabric you want your style to be in. We have many prints listed on the homepage of If you'd like to see our selection of solids, mesh, lace, and velvet, contact us. We can also tell you which solid/mesh/lace/velvet will match the print of your choice. Each of our prints have a unique letter+number code to make checking out easier.

3. Decide where you want each fabric. For example, our most popular leotard, the HADLEY, has 3 parts; the bodice, the briefs, and the mesh. YOU get to decide what goes where! 

4. Choose the size you want your style to be. Custom sizing is also available for Design Your Own styles! Just make sure to add your bust, waist, hips, girth, inseam (for unitards), and sleeve length (for sleeved styles), measurements IN INCHES in the notes box at checkout!

5. In the notes at checkout, tell us what fabric you want and where you want it. For example, if you have a Design Your Own HADLEY in your cart, the notes box could say:

"bodice- r1, center mesh- black, briefs- b5"


If you have any questions, email us at or DM us on Instagram @ssdancewear! We double check all of our orders, so if you miss one of these steps, we will clarify with you and confirm your order!

Happy designing!